Our Essays:Essay 1) Religion, Science, and the Enlightenment. Essay 2) Paris Burning. Essay 3) Hard Days Night. Essay 4) The Age of Ideology.

Objective: Write one paper divided into four short essays on Western Civilization.

Essay 1) Religion, Science, and the Enlightenment. These three ideas played a major role in the development of Early Modern Europe. Explain how these three ideas were connected. Try to draw some connections between these ideas using historical examples.

Essay 2) Paris Burning. Why was the French Revolution so important in Western history? Create an argument for who you think was the most important social group in the French Revolution (e.g. the aristocracy, the clergy, the monarchy, the peasants, the sans-cullottes, the bourgeoisie& ).

Essay 3) Hard Days Night. In your own words, what was the industrial revolution? Why did occur in Europe, and more specifically in Great Britain, first? What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on culture, politics, and society?

Essay 4) The Age of Ideology. The nineteenth century saw the rise of strong ideological struggles. What were the major ideologies of the nineteenth century and where can we see evidence if their impact? What were some of the main issues that these ideologies fought over?

” Minimum length per essay is 1.5 pages double-spaced, size 12, and in Times New Roman font. Margins are to be set at no more than 1.5 inches.
” The maximum length is 2.5 pages, no exceptions.
” Perfect spelling and grammar.
” There must be an introduction and conclusion that outline a clear purpose or argument for each question. Point format answers are not acceptable.
” Relevant facts must be included (names, exact dates, locations, etc.) as they apply to each question.
” Connections must be made between different chapters that show insight and reflection.
” Themes that run through multiple historical events must be identified and explained.
” Bibliographic information must be included and properly formatted.
” Essays that fall outside of these parameters will be deemed unacceptable.

References: Sherman, Dennis, and Joyce Salisbury. The West in the World. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2003.