Our free response questions, one paragraph each

Please complete questions 21-24:br /
II. SHORT ANSWER and FREE RESPONSE QUESTIONS (4 questions, 5 points each). Please write a separate paragraph to explain your answer to each of the following questions.br /
21) Complete the equal-payments three-year amortization table.br /
i??i??Yearbr /
Beginning Principalbr /
i??Paymentbr /
Interest Expensebr /
i??i??Principal Reductionbr /
i??br /
Ending Principalbr /
i??1br /
i??br /
$6,000.00br /
i??br /
i??br /
$480.00br /
i??br /
i??br /
$4,151.80br /
2br /
$2,328.20br /
$1,996.06br /
i??3br /
i??i??br /
$2,155.74br /
i??i??br /
i??i??i??br /
i??br /
22) When estimating a weighted average cost of capital, a firm can use either book values or market values for estimating the value of the component sources of capital. Where would you find book values, and what value do they represent? How would you calculate market values? In general, would you prefer to use market or book values for estimating the WACC? Under what circumstances would you use book values?br /
23) The annual report is a regular activity of public firms and is sent to current owners (shareholders) and the SEC, and is also made available to prospective owners, financial analysts, and others interested in a companys performance. Name four of the major sections contained and discuss how they can be used to provide information on the company.br /
24) Market value ratios try to answer what question for potential investors? Do financial statements contain all of the necessary information to answer this question? Explain in terms of the P/E (price earnings) ratio.