Our Functions of Myth Applied to Ancient Egyptian Culture

For this paper, you will consider the
role that the functions of mythology played in the formation of
artifacts from a specific culture. You will pick one of the cultures
that are included in our textbook and you will explain how the
functions helped inspire the creation of specific artifacts within
the culture. You WILL NOT be dealing with story in this paper a
you will not be discussing the written word. You will be
discussing artifacts a architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery, etc.
Answer the Following:
1. In your view, what role did the functions play in the artifacts that
the culture created?
2. How did the functions help inspire this creation?
3. How did the mystical function inspire them?
4. How did the cosmo function help them illustrate their understanding
of the origin of phenomena?
5. How did the sociological function help them illustrate their need for Law and Order?
6. How did the psychological function help them express their need to function as a member of a community and culture?

Basically, apply the FOUR FUNCTIONS OF MYTH to Ancient EGYPTIAN CULTURE.
Do not write about Egyptian stories.
Write about its artifacts: Architecture, Art, Society rules.
Make sure that you use sources and that your sources are properly cited in the body of your paper.