Our ways creative thinking help eliminate debt

Must include unique title of 4 or more words, a lead-in, map sentence matching the body sections (underlined), a well developed conclusion with thesis (thesis underlined), strong paragraphin development with examples, & multi-paragraphing.

Must have at least 5 examples one must be in the introduction or conclusion.

Must quote and cite at least three of the following readings (all from The Norton Reader: An Anthology of Nonfiction Prose, Tenth Edition):
Jacob Bronowskis The Reach of Imagination
Jacob Bronowskis The Nature of Scientific Reasoning
William Zinssers College Pressures
William G. Perry Jr.s Examsmanship and the Liberal Arts
Platos The Allegory of the Cave
Annie Dillards Sight into Insight
Isaac Asimovs The Eureka Phenomenon
You must make citation in the text by author name and essay.
A works cited page is not necessary.

The title should be a marriage between one of the examples (very real & very concrete) and the thesis (abstract).