Ouse Bill 547 ( Manny Diaz Jr rep) (second part/ of three ) Legislative initiative PLAN and Nursing role/implication

The criteria are based on the NLN public policy toolkit. Please use the table format attached and limit the legislative action plan to a max of two pages. Legislative initiative plans are necessarily different for each policy , but certain key components are addressed in all plans .
1) Identify legislative goal
2) Addressed coalition building, grassroot initiatives
3) Addressed education initiatives for public/ constituents Legislators /legislative
4)Described the political engagement , communication strategies with supporters , session specific activities
(3 references on numbers above)

5)Implications for nursing Role (evidence -based )in helping to enact this policy ( 2 reference s for this part)
6) Provide a Summary for the Legislative practicum paper. ( We went to Tallahassee and visit the capitol and had the opportunity to meet senator Daphne , but I did not meet with Manny Diaz or his aids. so anything that you might want to write as a practicum experience, like What a great opportunity, or experience …,obviously the teacher went with us ,

Note : the table attached is a sample format that was given in class .

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this is the sample table format that needs to be filled out .