Ouse bill 547 scope of practice of Advance registered Nurses

The term paper is about the HB 547 there are two sections : section one is the Policy background (that I am paying for now) and . section two (Legislative plan )would be pending ,depending on how satisfied I am with the first section.
Dont mention the Physician assistants on the paper only focused on Nurse practitioners
I want specifics not general statements on the paper.Meaning that you understand and know about the bill is. Not general statements that fits any bill .

Representative Manny Diaz Jr.is the corresponding legislator that I need to mention on the paper because he corresponds to my district. He is involved in different committees but the one needed to be mention is the health innovation sub committee.
The rubrics of the paper has to answer the following questions. (Please write in red the # of the question were the answer of the question would be find.

1–identify the the policy issue and
2why is it important for Manny Diaz Jr to be involved,
3and what are his goals for the proposal.
4-What values held by Manny Diaz Jr are related to this issue
5-Brief History /background of the problem related to this issue
6what population or group, how is most affected by this problem , do they have any power?
7-Ethical ,social ,economic,cultural and health implications of the problem
8-What other things have been tried to resolve this problem
9-what are the actual barriers to the proposed policy.
10-where is the proposal currently on the legislative or process

Added on 12.04.2015 11:05
I dont need to upload any other information . I typed everything I need for this first section of the paper .