Ouse of Wisdom , by Johnathan Lyons (ISBN: 978-I-60819-058-4)

write the formal essay for the course . You will need to evaluate it as a primary source rather than a story. What does this play teach you about the ancient Greeks? Guidelines are the same for the book:

Essay Guidelines:
a? Length a 1000 to 1250 words
a? Citations are REQUIRED a each body paragraph should have citations!
a? You will be evaluated on the strength and clarity of your thesis statement and the extent to which you support it with examples from the book.
a? Your thesis must be in your first paragraph. Your first paragraph should not be more than 3-4 sentences long.
a? Your thesis should be a statement of what the book has helped you understand about the period we are studying. Your discussion should concern the significance of that understanding.
a? Each body paragraph should explain your thesis.
a? Do not introduce new ideas or information in the body of your paper a it should not stray from your thesis.
a? Evidence from the reading should be the basis of each body paragraph.
a? Your conclusion should be a re-statement of your thesis
a? You do not need a a?works-citeda? page. Use the citation format indicated on the course website.(author,Page#)
a? AVOID USING QUOTESa¦your analysis is what I want to read.