Ousing Finance and the Path the Re-Generation

Estimate the housing need in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and set out the financial means by which thoses needs will be met. Look at public finance and private finance.

To Conclude the assignment you will estimate the extent of which the finance is available and appropriate to meet the needs you have identified.

You will also consider the extent to which housing regeneration can contribute to other forms of regeneration.

The Task:
You are employed as a policy officer for the Local Authority. You have been asked to prepare a report entitled Financing Futures”. The Councils vision for housing in Chesterfield that sets out the policy context, considering local and National policy, housing needs, priorities for the area, financial means, Financial proposals and a summary.

Link Chesterfield to the neighbourhood statistics at uk.

The Assessment Criteria
You will need to demonstrate:
An awareness of housing, planning and regernation policy

An Understanding of the Constraints and Possibilities within the current framework

An appreciation of the opportunities and constraints in housing, planning and regeneration finance

An appreciation of the role of state and market in resource distribution

An understanding of Social inequalities
A critical appreciation of funding social policy.