Ouston Central Plan for 2017 Operations and Afterwards

It is an assignment to relate one of the book chapters to a real life company and build up a crisis to deal with it, in corporate communication class.
i Houston Central Plan for 2017 Operations and Afterwards. and we are the Houston Central Plan company

I already gathered the points from the chapter from and i will attached to you.

i would like from you to discuss that its February 2017 and we prepared everything for the people who are coming such as t fancy hotels, build a plaza, ..etc. however, the crises is what happened after the Superbowl because all those hotels that we rent, the plaza is just being done for the visitor and they left after the Superbowl. they did not stay all the period the we planned for. So, we have to insure our employees,investors and consistencies that our loss is not a big problem and we can host another Superbowl next year.


point 1 (Identity)
*current situation.
*the future situation

point 2 (xxxxx)
*current situation
*the future situation .

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The Book is Corporate Communication by Paul Argenti 6th ED Chapter 4.
i attached the images as an example for this work but in a different topic. Also, the word documents has all the information and the strategies that you need.