Outline and analyse the concept of a?ideological hegemonya. Employ the concept in analysis of a piece of text.

You should demonstrate a good understanding of Gramscias concept. a?The Prison Notebooksa is a very demanding read. Hence chapter 3 in Gurevitch et al is recommended. See also chapters 1-3 and 20 of the collection edited by Morley and Chen. For a fascinating study of a crisis of hegemony, see Hall et alas a?Policing the Crisisa.

You are required to analyse a piece of text, highlighting the ways in which the language used serves to neutralise antagonistic relations between groups. This would follow the kind of analysis we undertook, in week 2, on the reported speeches of Margaret Thatcher. The work we do on semiotics will also be of help. Political speeches are a good source, as are news stories (see Policing the Crisis. See also Chapter 4 from Bell, A. and Garrett, P. (eds) (1998) Approaches to Media Discourse, London: Blackwell). For some examples of textual analysis, drawing on Laclauas development of Gramscian theory, see Silverman. It is important that you identify the ideology that the text produces or mobilises. A photocopy of the text should be attached to the assignment as an appendix