Outline the Corporate Governance Structure

**this is a continuation of Order 1249248
**Use the Organization (Health Ascension) and health professional (Robert J. Henkel) to complete this paper

To assess your ability to:
1. Outline the corporate governance in a healthcare organization.
2. Communicate professionally with peers and healthcare professionals.

In this assignment you are required to outline and explain the corporate structure of the healthcare organization you are using in your SAS project. You will need to work with your healthcare professional and other resources available to you to complete your outline and explanation. You will use your text, Essentials of Strategic Management, and your research from the Library databases to support your stance.

Action Items
i?? Refer to Appendix 11.C: Strategic Audit of a Corporation, Section II: Corporate Governance in your textbook, Essentials of Strategic Management.
i?? Working informally with your healthcare professional or other information resources available to you, collect information on the corporate structure of the organization you have selected for your Strategic Audit Project.
i?? Write a one to two page paper outlining the corporate governance structure in your healthcare organization.
i?? Create an organizational chart as part of this outline, using roles/titles not names.
i?? Your paper must follow APA guidelines, and include:
Cover page (with your name, course, section, date submitted, and your professors name)
Reference page
Introductory paragraph
i?? Note: Your cover and reference pages are not counted in your paper length.?