Ouyhnhnm society, perfect or not so much of a perfect society?

Inthis essay you will need to writte a 2 page argumentative paper based on part 4 of Swits book GULLIVERS TRAVELS. In this part of the book he arrives to a place where horse like beings, called Houyhnhnms, rule and live in society. Gulliver describes the rational, horse like beings society as perfect. He clearly regards it as perfect and wants to remain in it, but is forced to leave.

You have to writte and argumentative essay saying if you find the Houyhnhnm society as a perfect society and wether or not you would like to live there.

The key point here is to arguement your answer.

If you admire and would like to live in a society like tthat, discuss your ideas of what a perfect society should be and compare & contrast them with how the Houyhnhnms society is.

If you attack their society, you will need to pick up the satire used by Swift to show whats wrong with their society, and then compare and contrast this with our present day society.(please keep in mind that the satire must be explained by, its literal and ironic level, and by the 3 Ts, Target, Tone and Technique, technique would be if the satire is direct or indirect via irony).

It is also important to use Mores Utopiaas a refferent to set the Houyhnhnm as a Utopia, Dystopia or something in between.

You should make particular emphasis on/use of chapters 8 and 9 in part 4, Gullivers main description of Houyhnhnm society.

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please follow my written instructions, the document i uploaded is the one my professor gave us, but in the written ones i specify better what i want and how to do it so you should follow those intructions and use the ones im uploading just as a back up so you understand a little better what the essay is about but the main instructions are thouse that i wrotte. please let me know as soon as you have read this and are going to start working on it so i can know its all well understood and theres no problem with idetifying the objective of the essay.

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