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Health Policy and Economics

Government and Funding Paper Guidelines

The purpose of this Health Policy course paper is for the student to demonstrate understanding and application of the health policy of the involvement of the government in the accessibility of adequate healthcare. This is also an opportunity for the student to clarify nursingas role in health policy development and implementation. The student is required to research the current economic climate of their previously chosen state and discuss how this has impacted the chosen stateas ability to provide adequate healthcare. In addition, the student is required to discuss how the stateas governing body (i.e. the governoras cabinet) is responding to the call for the Affordable Care Act (e.g. funding and actions taken to abide by this law). Grading criteria & suggested outline listed below:

I. Identification/background 25%

A. Statement of purpose

B. Significance of your research

C. Discuss the role of nursing

D. Discuss the current state of healthcare in your state

II. The issue 45%

A. Review the stateas governing bodyas response to healthcare and the Affordability Act

B. Discuss how your chosen state will respond to the new healthcare law

C. Describe funding issues

D. Describe what this law will do for your stateas healthcare

E. Describe how this law will affect your stateas economy

II. Discuss support for and against the issue 20%

A. The medical communityas perspective

B. Nursingas perspective

C. Your chosen stateas governing bodyas perspective

D. Feedback from constituents within the state

E. Identify potential challenges to implementation

III. Technical development 10%

A. No more than five (5) pages in length (excluding cover page and reference page)

B. Correct use of APA format

1. Cover page

2. Pagination

3. Running head

4. Reference citations and listing

C. Grammar and spelling

D. Use size 12 font

E. Use a minimum of three (4) content references

Five points will be deducted for each day late. No papers will be accepted three days after the due date.