Overnance for Security in the Developing World

Governance for Security in the Developing Worlda?A a  Previous activitya?A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A  a?A Next activity a ?You are hereCOURSE a DIPLOMACY LAW AND GLOBAL CHANGEModule -A  Governance for Security in the Developing Worlda?A  / a ? COURSEWORK ONE Recommendation Report (1750 words) A As part of the module assessment you are to write a policy recommendation report of 2,000 words. This report is to be:A policy strategy for the government of a developing country concerning the oversight and control of private security companies (military and/or civil protection).The increase in the number of private security companies (PSCs) operating in developing countries has led to concerns about their activities, accountability, regulation and where the limits of their jurisdiction lie. A number of countries have, or are in the process of, developing legislation to control these companies. In your assignment you may focus on one particular country and/or PSC if you wish or you may be more general. You may prefer to focus more on military type or policing/protection style companies.The recommendation report should follow something like the following framework, making adjustments according to your own particular subject:Background to country and security section (500 words)Recommendations to national government (250 words)Recommendations to legislature (250 words)Recommendations to civil society (250 words)Recommendations to private security companies (250 words)Recommendations to international community (250 words)To assist your recommendation report you should look at examples of recommendation reports. Policy reports usually examine the background to and specific aspects of a particular issue. They conclude with a section of recommendations to the various stakeholders and actors involved in that issue. Remember it is the recommendation part of these reports rather than the overall description of the subject matter that you should produce. One example can be found on pp.29-30 at uk/Files/kfile/mercenaries,0.pdf.Francis, D. (1999), a?Mercenary Intervention in Sierra Leone: Providing National Security or International Exploitation?a, Third World Quarterly Vol. 20, No.2.Leander, A. (2004) Eroding State Authority? Private Military Companies and the Legitimate Use of Force, Rome: Report Prepared for Centro Militare di Studi Strategici.Musah, Abdel-Fatau and Kayode J. Fayemi (eds), Mercenaries: An African Security Dilemma (London: Pluto Press, 2000)Musah, Adel-Fatau (2002), a?Privatization of Security: Arms Proliferation and the Process of State Collapse in Africaa, Development and Change Vol. 33, No.5.OBrien, Kevin (2000), a?PMCs, Myths and Mercenaries: The Debate on Private Military Companiesa, Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies Vol. 145, No.1.OaHanlon, M and Singer P. (2004), a?The Humanitarian Transformation: Expanding Global Intervention Capacitya, Survival, Vol. 46, No.1Shearer, David (1998) a?Outsourcing Wara, Foreign Policy, FallSpearing, Christopher (2001) a?Private Security Companies and Humanitarians: A Corporate Solution to Securing Humanitarian Spaces?a, International Peacekeeping Vol. 8, No.1.