Overning Greater China: Comparation on the China effect on the party system in Taiwan and Hong Kong

The topic of this research proposal is studying on the China effect in the party system Taiwan and Hong Kong. The idea of this topic is that the way of defying different political party in these two places is very different from the Western political spectrum (Right wing and left wing).

Hong Kong is part of China and become a special administrative region in China after the hangover in 1997. In Chinaas (Communist Party, CCP) perspective, Taiwan is part of China and it should be unified. Today, these two places have been influencing by China due to different reasons. One of obvious way the China effect is on the party system in these places.

In Hong Kong, the demarcation of political parties (Pro-Beijing camp and pan democratic parties) is their standing of democratization. Technically, all parties agree with democratization, but the pace of it. Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) is of the major parties Pro-Beijing Camp and, Liberal Party, a?the unholy alliancea between CCP and Hong Kong businessmena think democratization should not be fast and please CCP, while Pan democratic parties think that democratization should be apply asap.

In Taiwan, the demarcation of political parties (KMT and Democratic Progress Party, DPP) is their background and ideology. While KMT considers Republic of China is its legacy and the main members are business and bureaucrat of ROC who retreat from China to Taiwan in 1949, the structure of DDP is mainly native Taiwanese people and they maintain a strong Taiwanese nationalism and a strong local identity.

Either in HK or Taiwan, CCP has been playing a significant role via party system. CCP have launched economic collaboration with their rival, KMT, since the last few years, meanwhile, CCP have been funding DAB and monopolizes in Legislative Council in Hong Kong with Liberal Party.

This research proposal is to explore the demarcation of party system in HK and Taiwan is different from western politic systemas theory. It should include synopsis, an introduction, review of the literature, Methods and approaches and a conclusion. The guideline and some readings will be uploaded after this order is assigned.