Overnment Accounting Cmparison Finland and Spain


i??Legitimating International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS): the case of Spaini?? Public Money & Management Isabel Brusca , Vicente Montesinos & Danny S. L. Chow Published online: 16 Sep 2013.

i??The reluctance of a developed country to choose International Public Sector Accounting Standards of the IFAC. A critical case study Lasse Oulasvirta i??

Critical Perspectives on Accounting 25 (2014) 272i??285

After reading you need to present the above papers by:
Summarise Give a concise, clear explanation of. Give the main factors & omit minor details
Compare and contrast Find some points of common ground or similarity and show where they differ
Criticise Make a judgement backed up by a discussion of the evidence about the merit of the theory or opinions

After presentation send 3 to 5 pages summary, compare and contrast then critique