Overnment action invariably means a loss of individual liberty

I disagree with this statement, because I believe government action still allows individual liberty. The introduction and thesis can only be 150 words, the whole essay should be 900 words or a little less. My thesis should be true, but arguable; and also at the end of my introductory paragraph. My thesis needs qualification, stance, and rationale. Also the thesis should not be a restatement of the topic sentence, Instead, it must be a claim or argument about some element of that topic, and the heart of the essay. I need to limit the scope of my thesis. Get to the point. The purpose of my introduction should be to motivate my thesis. After the introduction I need two new paragraphs which will provide evidence in support of my thesis as well as some analysis of that evidence. Those two paragraphs with the thesis can be 400 words or less. Then I should add any additional evidence and analysis that is needed to fully develop my argument. I also should also consider and respond to at least one counter-argument. The essay should include a thoughtful conclusion. My goal is not merely to restate the thesis over and over, but to construct an argument that progresses or develops as you move from point to point. I can never use the word I or my opinion throughout the paper.