Overnment Attitudes Toward Foreign Direct Investment

Our subject is Competing In Global Arena, and we were asked to solve the chapters questions, ( Text Book: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT AND OPERATIONS, 10TH Edition, John D. Daniels, Lee H. Radebaugh, Daniel P. Sullivan).

The chapter questions should be answered as an essay of 750 words,
We are required to solve three questions out of four and here there are:
Chapter (11)

1) What stakeholders must companies satisfy? Why is this process difficult for companies operating aboard?
2) What factors make it difficult to evaluate whether the overall effects of FDI are sufficiently positive?
3) What are government s principal political and legal concerns about MNEs? Discuss also the issue of key sector control.
4) Discuss the issue of whether bribery is unavoidable in international business and include specific examples to support your answers.

We need to receive the report within 4 days, Bachelor level is preferable.