I would like the Title to be SCREWING NATURE FOR PROFIT
5 full pages of text. Title on the 1st text page.
I need a 7 source WORKS CITE PAGE to include
2 books I have read Jesse Venture AMERICAN CONSPIRACIES by Dick Russel and DROWNING IN OIL by
Loran C. Steffy. The others from your own searches on web etc.
I need a Parenthetical Page to match the 7 source page
inwhich the material is quoted from in the 5 page text.
Typing in the MLA style there is no student name
include the student number 560632 beside the page number by placing it to the left of the page number, leaving a space between.
Title is centered one inch from the top of the page with a doubble space between title and the line of text.

and also list 1 indirect source as being MLA 2009 EDITION A POSCKET STYLE MANUAL MLA 2009 updated edition STYLE MANUAL by Diana Hacker. (8 sources altogether)

I wiil need to download so I can make corrections if needed.

I hope I did not confuse you. Thanks