Overnment influence on exchange rates and exchange rate determination

I have a research paper which is due January 20th.
The course name is (International Finance). The book name is International Financial Management, 9th Edition
Jeff Madura

I will provide you with two copies of a PDF so you can get a reference from it. The requirement for these papers are mentioned down.
The topic I want you to search for is (Government influence on exchange rates and exchange rate determination).

Paper Requirements:

1Paper should be (9) typed double spaced pages in length.
2Utilize at least three (3) references, class text may be one.
3Cover all business aspects of the topic.
4Cover both strengths and weaknesses of subject being researched.
5Physical graphic are required. (At least 3)
6Visual exhibits are required.( At least 2)
7Include student opinions/evaluations summary regarding the researched information/topic.

Please, Make sure that you read the all the paper requirements carefully and do every single step as mentioned and required.

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