Overnment Influences to the sport and leisure industry

You have been employed by a health and fitness organisation to explain the structure and function of operations within sport, leisure and recreation industry in the UK. Within a presentation review the organisation, management and governance of selected sport and leisure providers.


Prepare a 2,000 word written document outlining the governmental influence to the Sport and Leisure Industry

Task 1: Analyse the role and inter-relationship of government departments with a remit that includes sport and leisure including NGBas and QUANGOas (P3.1).

Task 2: Analyse current government policy and its effect on the sport and leisure industry (P3.2).

Task 3: Evaluate the implementation and success of government policy and local authority strategy in a selected locality (P3.3).

Task 4: Discuss current issues that affect sport and leisure (P4.1).

Task 5: Produce strategies to manage sport and leisure issues and impacts (P4.2).

To achieve Merit criteria the following must be covered for each task:
a? Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions a Discuss the role and inter-relationship of Government departments with a remit within the sport and leisure industry using appropriate terminology and detail allowing the formation of appropriate conclusions.
a? Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques while completing your 2,000 word written documentApply the correct report format for each task using subheadings, diagrams, charts, graphs etc.
a? Present and communicate appropriate findings Report conclusions and findings demonstrating appropriate understanding, level of detail, use of resources, referencing and logical written formatting.
(M1, 2, 3)

To achieve Distinction criteria the following must be covered for each task:
a? Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions -Provide a critical analysis of the current issues that affect the sport and leisure industry within the UK.
a? Take responsibility for managing and organising activities Demonstrate the management and organisation of each task competently using appropriate detail & innovative methods.
a? Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking Provide a detailed analysis of each task using an individual approach to the display of written, practical and illustrative evidence taking into account the wider uses of your findings.
(D1, 2, 3)

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