Overnment Intervention in relation to SME survivability during recession

My assignment as below:-

Research Topic: Government Intervention in relation to SME survivability during recession

1. Work out at least two of the concepts of the topic

2. Write your relevant keywords for each concept.
Include similar words (synonyms), alternative spellings. Scientific names, jargon, singular & plural forms of words, if applicable.

3. Connectors & Search plan
Write several of your keywords here showing how you will combine them using connectors (OR, AND or NOT)

4. Select your database
Name the database(s) that are appropriate for your search. Give reasons why this database is appropriate.

5. A search statement is a combination of
The keywords describing your identified concepts
Connectors that you use to combine your keywords/ concepts.

Write all search statements used here

6. Using your chosen database(s) to locate & obtain the Full text of TEN relevant references related to your research topic from your search statements.
Record the following bibliographic information for each article, & attach as a reference list (Harvard style)


Article title


Publication date

Read each article & write a critical literature review relevant to the topic of your research. (500700 words).