Overnment key role in financial markets


You are an expert in financial markets and institutions and have been recently hired by the banking industry to hold a series of training sessions around the US to educate consumers, investors, and the media on the financial industry. Your training responsibilities include many areas: financial markets and financial intermediaries, interest rates and monetary policy, regulation of financial institutions, the changing landscape of financial markets, and the role of government (federal, state and local) in financial markets.

The essay should cover the following below with proper APA style applied(references,citations):

Government plays a key role in financial markets (in particular the bond and mortgage markets) by issuing government notes and adding liquidity. You believe that understanding how federal, state, and local governments raise funds and understanding their roles in financial markets is extremely critical for consumers.

With this in mind, explain the role of government in the financial system with respect to raising funds for governmental entities and how governments (local and federal) impact the liquidity of financial markets. Be sure to explain how the markets function.