Overnment Legal Service Internship scheme application form

I need 2 questions answered for an internship application with the Government Legal Service. The deadline is Thursday 1st May 2014 1PM.

I have already answered the first question, if the price includes and the writer finds the first question could be touched up then feel free.

The writer should answer the 2nd and 3rd question on the application. The word count is between 200 250 words. I have also added some information which could help when answering.

Describe what attracts you to law as a profession. 250 words.
I have been attracted to the legal profession from as little as I could remember corresponding to my Grandfathers experience as a legal practitioner. My interest in the field led me study law through to a postgraduate level, whilst also engage in practical legal work in several large organizations to supplement and bring in to life my academic learning.

What attracts me to the legal profession is that it continuously provides for an environment, which fosters challenges and opportunities to grow. The diverse nature of the work, and often complexity of the issues involved, I find, very thought provoking and stimulating. At the heart of the profession is, of course, client service. Acting as an interface of such an intellectual profession resolving legal problems for others, I find very satisfying and rewarding.


Describe what attracts you to public service and the work of the GLS? 250 words.

The most compelling reason, which attracts me to the public sector, is the satisfaction received from offering service, which contributes to the greater good of the public at large.

Breadth of opportunities …………

Tell us about your interest in TSol. Describe why you wish to undertake a vacation placement within this department. 250 words.

Regional Manager for humanity first since 2011; Provide logistical and strategic direction to organise charitable events at local and national level; from planning, executing and reporting events by liaising with internal and external stakeholders.

Won a Merton Civiv award 2014 for saving a womens life who fell on to the tracks.

Won Mayor of Mertons Award for outstanding achievement 2014. This was for the above incident and also the community work I do.

I have a good relation with my local councillors and local MP. I do a lot of charity work for them and otherwise.

I recently attended an FDA discussion forum and met senior MPS.

I am in contact with a senior solicitor within the GLS who has described the broad type of work they do and and the working environment etc.