Overnment of Texas: How do policy makers create effective policy

Annotated Bibliography
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How you are graded:
1) Is it clear what points you are making/what you are saying?
2) Are the sources/paragraph summaries addressing the causes of elder abuse?
3) Do you need to add detail to thoroughly explain your point? Remember your reader has
no idea whatas in your head. A good step may be to have someone read your paper and
ask them what they think youare trying to say. If they have trouble, miss points, or you
need to a?fill ina? some details then you need to adjust your paper.
Common Mistakes:
1) Failing to add enough detail to explain their argument.
2) Failing to address the causes of elder abuse in the individual paragraph summaries.
3) Failing to use scholarly/peer reviewed articles.
In order for policy-makers to create effective policy, they must first understand the cause
of the problem that they hope to solve. Like policy-makers, you lack the time, funding resources,
or staff to engage in your own scientific research on the causes of elder abuse. Therefore you
must rely on others in order to understand the causes of elder abuse. Remember you are not
simply attempting to understand the types. You are attempting to understand the reasons why the
abusers engage in the abuse.
Gather nine scholarly reviewed / academic articles that address the causes of elder abuse.
If you find an article that does not address the causes of elder abuse, do not include it in your
nine articles.
1) List the articles in either MLA or APA format.
2) Include a paragraph for each source explaining the main arguments about the causes
of elder abuse that the author offers.
3) After you have created the bibliography and paragraphs for all nine sources, select
four sources that you think are superior or more useful for understanding the causes
of elder abuse.
4) Explain in at least two paragraphs why you found these five sources more credible or
useful than the other sources.