Overnment Policies and Procedures reguarding 9/11

Throughout several US Presidencies, there were numerous opportunities to dismantle the al Queda organization and leadership who ultimately successfully attacked the United States on 9/11. My paper will analyze this series of events over the course of 10 years prior to 9/11 to determine whether or not there were policies, procedures, or other formal government interventions that, had they been in place, would have created a hostile operating environment, thereby preventing 9/11 from occurring. I will also discuss the impact of the lack of government transparency, limited information sharing. The outcome of my paper will be recommendations for new policies and procedures that may help prevent further attacks and provide better communication and transparency throughout the government and/or to the American people.

Please provide an abstract. I will also need a quick outine to me as I also have to put together a presentation before this paper needs to be submitted. So as soon as you get some ideas can you just give be a brief outline so I can tell my professor what I am writting. Thank you.