Overnment Preparedness in Your Location

Government Preparedness in Your Location
At this point in your career and education, you realize nurses are involved in the oversight of many healthcare areas and directly involved in many steps of the preparation for disasters (Veenema, 2007). Nurses must understand laws that directly affect their professionalism. Furthermore, nurses can significantly impact laws being considered (Kearney-Nunnery, 2008). Since our class is spread across the country, it is not possible to identify the various state and local laws that affect nursing and healthcare provision during a disaster. Learning is a life-long activity for the professional nurse (Huckabay, 2009). It is now time for you to educate yourself concerning your own State, County/Parish or City/Town laws that directly affect your professional healthcare delivery. The education process is not complete until you can share that knowledge with others.

This activity is worth 8% of your total grade. You can expect individual feedback within a week of the Thursday 8pm due date/time.

Do not post before 8am Sunday of Week 3.
Post an INITIAL RESPONSE answering the following questions by 8pm Tuesday of Week 3:
1. Research your State, County/Parish or City/Town laws. Identify which one entity you have chosen. Im choosing ( Merrillville, IN)
2. State the law per APA format for citation in text. (The chosen law must involve disasters in some form, whether for facilities or the individual care giver.)
3. Provide a summary of that law in your own words.
4. Do you support or oppose the law & why?
5. How do you suppose it will affect your own practice?
Your responses should show critical analysis of the topic and, in addition, must be supported by evidence from the scholarly literature (preferably peer-reviewed nursing journals). Your response must be typed directly into the discussion thread and include citation of sources (in-text and reference list) in APA format. No file can be uploaded.
Your initial posting should be a maximum of 300 words with at least 2 peer-reviewed journals.