Overnment Pursuit of Patents Rights under Federally-Funded Research and Development Contracts

Title of Research Paper: Government Pursuit of Patents Rights under Federally-Funded Research and Development Contracts

Thesis Statement: Even though Government-owned patents serve as a deterrent to the commercialization of research and development efforts, the Government should rigorously pursue patent rights under research and development contracts because taxpayer-funded research belongs to the public and is government-funded research using taxpayer dollars.

Some question(s) to be addressed: What governs patent rights under Federally-funded research and development contracts? What determines who obtains the patent rights? How difficult is it for the Government to obtain patent rights under contracts? What are the advantages of the Government more actively pursuing patent rights? What are the disadvantages?

Possible Outline (subject to change as paper evolves):

I. Introduction
A. Working Definition of Patent
B. Laws Governing Patents
II. Government-Owned Patent Rights
A. Conditions Provided Under Law
B. Common Practice
III. Advantages of Government-owned Patents
IV. Disadvantages of Government-owned Patents
V. Conclusion
VI. Footnotes/Endnotes
VII. Bibliography

Some Potential Resources (This list is not all inclusive and will be revised as better or additional resources become available):

- Bayh-Doyle Act (31 CFR 401)
- Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
- Federal Acquisition Regulations
Professor s comments on Thesis Statement and Outline:

I generally like your proposal and look forward to your next submission on it. Keep up the good work. Improving the paper will involve focusing on a specific issue or problem rather than a general recitation of the topic generally. Be guided by what interested you the most when you chose this topic in the first place. Need to submit more detailed outline. Need more sources. Regards/LK

Requirements for Term Paper:

Must be 10  20 pages in length, approved topic, double-spaced, page numbers in x of y format, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font, 12 point, footnotes or endnotes for cited references, and a title page with student name (Paquetta N. Myrick-Hancock), course number and name (MGT 5240  Legal and Business Aspects of Intellectual Property), institution name (Florida Institute of Technology), professor (Professor Leonard Keen), paper title, and submission date.