Overnment Regulation & Antitrust and Licensing

Government Regulation & Antitrust and Licensing

From the e-Activity, Use the Internet to research the reasons for and against the recently adopted Frank-Dodd law and respond below.

#1Government RegulationPlease respond to the following:
a?From the e-Activity, take a position on whether more government regulation is needed in the banking industry. Support your position with evidence or examples.

a?Provide an example of how government regulation is either constraining or enabling for a particular company indicating the impact to the operational efficiency of the company. Discuss how your response impacts maximizing shareholder wealth.

#2 Antitrust and LicensingPlease respond to the following:
a?Imagine how managerial decisions may be easier or more difficult if there were no antitrust restrictions in the U.S. Provide an example to support your response.
a?The IT industry is full of patents. There are some companies, referred to as patent trolls, whom purchase these patents in hopes of making money by enforcing patents against alleged infringers. Determine the impact of government regulation against patent trolls. Identify who wins and who loses if regulation was adopted.