Overnment regulation of fertility/procreation law

to compare/contrast Government regulation of fertility/procreation law in U.S. with another culture. This requires (a) identifying and summarizing an alternative cultural approach and (b) critically examining this approach.
To analyze, one might ask questions similar to the following:

-what broad societal goals are furthered by one approach over another?

-what individualized or personal goals are furthered by one approach over another?

-what are the costs (monetary) to one approach?

-what costs (detriments to other concerns) might exist with one approach?

-are there unintended consequences to either approach?

-is there something about the culture of one country versus the other that would make one approach work only in one setting but not another?

-does one approach denote valuing one segment of society over another, i.e. children versus adults? Is there a reason to value one over the other? Does one approach balance competing interests more appropriately?

-is the policy approach compatible with or conflict with underlying social values? Are the social values in a state of change or impetus for each approach