Overnment responsibility Vs Individual responsibilty

Comparison Paper. Spec 1200 1300 words. 4 Sources ( Main source: Reading Literature And Writing Argument Third edition by Missy James and Alan.p Merickel, and 3 other sources non-website sources). The reading literature and writing argument book source is a must. Write a comparative analysis in which you use source material and the works to explain your comparison. In your introduction, state and explain your comparison criteria and briefly explain the conclusion you have drawn from comparing the works on the basis of those criteria. This is your thesis, and it may be more than one sentence. Define any problematic terms in your introduction or the first paragraph of the body of the paper. In the body of the paper, support your thesis by comparing how the criteria work out when applied to the works, being sure to show the relationship of your points to your thesis as you go. In your conlusion, tell how the ideas in your paper relevant to broader human issues.