Overnment should be responsible for the unemployed in the uk. To what extent do you agree with this statement.

no less than 1000 and no more than 1100.
my essay about a statement, and i agree, so you need to show a reasons why i agree, with evidence of course and references,in every paragraph a reason so i wrote you two reason and i need one more,so overall 3 reasons 3 paragraph.
Opinion a i agree
Why do you agree?
Reason 1 : People pay taxes (and therefore the government should use this to help them find work)
Reason 2: Employment of foreigners.
the essay should have:
introduction with aims,3 body paragraph,conclusion,reference.

Referencing Requirements:
4 references per body paragraph,6 journal article and others academic, but you can put more than 6 journal artical, but not less than 6.
overall references is 12 academic.