Overnment should regulate internet content

Paper must be clear, concise, and coherent!

Descibe why certain contnent available on the internet is dangerous to society.
For example, pornography can accessed by children and there are also bomb making videos available on the internet.

Include why the government should work with internet providers to ban dangerous/harmful information.

Describe what is to be considered harmful/dangerous information.

Why the governemt needs to step in.

Explain the inefficiency of firewalls, site blockers. Children can access dangerous information on their phones, friends house, school, and library.

Hackers implement ways to get through firewalls and site blockers, which is why the information should be completely banned from the internet.

Explain the days before the creation of internet. And how society managed to survive without the access to the harmful and dangerous sites. Society today is trading the future of our children for the money made from pornography sites and other harmful sites.