OvernmentAdministration in the Political System

No unattributed quotes from any source. These need to be comprehensive answers. The emphasis is on the analysis and description that does the most effective job of answering the question posed. At least two pages per question.

1. Discuss the various ways bureaucracy can be controlled in a democracy like the United States. Are these controls adequate? If so, why? Be sure your argument is supported by data and/or examples.

2. If you were called in to advise a new country on the most important consideration in establishing a competent, functioning bureaucracy in a democratic society, what would you say?

3. It has been suggested by many scholars that the federal bureaucracy has actually become the fourth branch of government in addition to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches written into the constitution by our founding fathers. what does this mean? Do you agree or disagree with this formulation? What implication, if any, does your agreement or disagreement have for the American constitutional system?

OvernmentAdministration in the Political System

This paper needs to be exclusive of footnotes, bibliography, diagrams, and tables. The paper needs to be an analysis of a federal agency program. It can be an existing program of a program whose work has been completed of terminated. The paper should analyze the political, administrative, structural, social, and ethical issues that affected the administration of the program, and come to conclusion on the reasons for the success or failure of the program.