Overnmental Reinvention and Privatization

The assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate my understanding of governmental reinvention and privatization to an audience of my choice.
(Professor,college peers)
Choose a topic of interest that relates to the required readings(The required readings have been; Thompson, James R. and Ingraham, Patricia W. (1996). The Reinvention Game. Public Administration Review 56(3), 291-298. and, Thompson,Frank J. and Riccucci, Norma M. (1998). Reinventing Government. Annual Review Political Science 1:231-57).
The Final Manuscript (8 to 10 pages plus 8-10 references) should synthesize ideas and information from the required readings and introduce new sources of information that is relevant to the specific topic.
All papers are to have:
1. APA cover page
2. Abstract
3. Body with citations
4. Body 8-10 pages
5. References 8-10
6. Follow APA style for reference and citation.
7. Typed in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, size 12 font, double spaced.