Overnments pre/post policies and changes since success of 2012 bid.

Tittledrawing upon acdademic sources to support your argument critcally assess the opinion that there has been a major shift in the UK governments policy since 1995 (Raising the game DCMS report) towards young people, sport and physical activity since the successgul bid for the olympic and paralympic games 2012. Examine this by comparing policyshifts in relation to mass participation and perfromance sport! look at increase in funding, change in policies and how government and local autohorites look at young people, for example as a tool to combat social issues or as future elite athletes. look at PESSCL, schhol sport partnerships, sports colleges, national governing bodies for sport (NGBs) etc (a must to answer essay) and The Governments pre/post policy and stratigies for 2012.
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look at DCMS, DFES, sport development journals and other academic sources.