Ow a nurses attendance can affect professionalism, pt. outcomes, etc.

(This is a paper I was assigned as a ConsequenceAfter my 3 year old son had to have an emergency surgery in a town 3 hours away, getting cought in a snowstorm and not being able to make to 2 clinical nursing days, so to say Im bitter is an understatement!) Anyways….
The paper needs to just explain why attendance is so important in nursing and how a nurses attendace reflects her professionalism, how is can affect patients out comes and Whatever elsea nurses attendace can affect; in an essay/research style; I would like at least 2 in text citations relating to attendance in the medical profession. And if possible I would kind of like the paper to include (in kind of a hidden agenda way) that while attendance is important; the safety and well being of the nurse is just as important to patient care, and needs to be taken into consederation if attendance is not possile, even though trying to maintain perfect attendance is a very important aspect of nursing. Thank You!!!