Ow a Pyrrhonian Skeptic Might Respond to Academic Skepticism, by Peter Klein

I just faxed this article along with 2 other articles which came from my text book.

I didnt have a title page but the first page Heading is the same as the Paper Topic I wrote above. And I wrote in pen on the top of the page my name and email address: Wes ORear.

I will upload the exact instructions on what I need done, but basically I just need a short article review, NO MORE THAN A PAGE LONG.

One thing is. I want to have the article review(s) by the end of Monday night before Midnight.

I am paying for 2 pages but I just need No More Than One Page”
And I see that it gives 3 days for you to write it but the thing is I absolutely have to have it done before Tuesday Morning, which I guess is about the exact amount of time I guess