Ow advances in technology have changed learning and development in organisations?

Assignment brief
Identify an issue of significance for training and development and prepare a report setting out the issue, its importance, and its implications for training and development, and the role of the trainer in addressing it.

The report should be 2000 words in length, excluding references.

The report structure should include: title page, introduction (which clearly sets out the problem being investigated); review of relevant literature; link with relevant primary/secondary research; analysis and discussion (including implications for training and development practitioners) and clear conclusions.

Essential Texts
Harrison, R. (2002) (3rd ed) Learning and Development, London: CIPD

Marking Criteria:

Training & Development problem being investigated clearly defined 10%
Critical review of relevant literature 30%
Integration of theory and practice 30%
Implications of problem clearly discussed and clear conclusion drawn 20%
Clarity, structure, grammar, correct referencing 10%