Ow Alberto Fujimori was able to maintain popular support after the Shock”?

1. Peru Political History
a) 1980-1985 : Belaunde Precedency (Promises of increase 1 million new jobs, his platform was betrayed by the government officials orthodox methods, El nino climate disasters, inflation, violence) about 1.5 pages
b) 1985-1990 : Alan Garcia Presidency (Economic plans to lower inflation and raise Peruvian lifestyle, hyperinflation started to skyrocket in 1989, and why?, Garcia lost of popular support, Corruption allegations)
c) Tsunami Fujimori (Build Change 90 party, was seen as an outsider, gaining support 1 to 3 % daily, provoked a 2nd round victory)
2) Beginning of Fujimori presidency (Inherited violence, hyperinflation, unemployment, underemployment) People were fed up with politicians and their parties, Fujimori was considered different”)
4) Shock Therapy (He implemented a shock therapy that rose the prices up to 7600%)
a) People understood that something needed to be done, why?, people was scared of uncertainty, people was afraid to go back to the 80s
b) Implemented targeted distribution measures
c) Gained control of the media (it help him to promote his agenda)
d) Resume paying Peru national debt in order to gain World bank and IMF support
e) Privatization gave the needed money to start implementing the above programs
f) Corruption at all levels, media payoff, politicians, etc
g) Vladimir Montesinos intervention, how he made himself irremovable

d) Self Coup of 1992, dissolved congress and judicial judges, ruled by decree as he saw fit
e) capture of Abimael Guzman gave Fujimori popular acceptance
f) new constitution of 1993 and control of Congress

The paper should have:
1 page introduction
1.5 pages of political, economic, social history on Belaunde
1.5 pages of political, economic, social history on Garcia
1-2 pages on the 1990 election process up to Fujimori triumph
5 pages on the Shock measures (include price stabilization, target distribution on certain areas, media control, resume debt payments, privatization of national companies)
4 pages on why he was able to maintain popular support after the shock and his austere measures implementations ( by having control of the media, people afraid of going back to the 80as, GDP rose and hyperinflation declined to manageable levels, capture Abimael Guzman, Shining Path Leader, he was seen as the solution for Peruvian crisis)

I have written part of the paper and have 10 references to be used.