Ow alcohol advertising influence young people

For the analytical essay you should analyse one media text of your choice that has been produced by the media industry you researched for your review essay. I did How alcohol advertising influence young people in my review essay. The assignment will be in two parts, of roughly equal lenght. Part 1: Explain the academic rationale for the choice of text. State which method you intend to use to analyse the text, explaining clearly why it is an appropriate method. You then need to reflect upon the range of literature you will use to support your own analysis of the text. Your essay will use one or more of the research methods.
Part 2; Analyse the chosen text using the method. Finally, you should discuss whether your study has been a success. Discuss what you have learned in this exercise and give some pointers for how you you would improve the research methodology in the future.
2000 words, typed, double spaced and use the standard academic format for referencing. Harvard referencing and please i would want all the work to be properly referenced to avoid plagirism.Thanks.