Ow alcoholic and drug-attic parents effects a students learner, and what is there outcome in life.

I do need an abstract page,
description is accurate and complete providing thorough background information sources must be credible websites excepted are .edu or academic journals. All sources must be relevant in the journals must be professional journals presented and
discussed research findings are relative to the conditions challenging learners ( students ) with specific exceptionality and to the appropriate strategies and necessary skills for dealing with these learners ( students ).
personal reaction to the research findings should be well articulated
the abstract page should info sympathy to the student i.e. dealing with drug addict parents.
What are the chances that students can graduate high school
what are the chances that the student and attending college
what are the chances that the student ends up in prison
what are the chances that they will attend the military
what are the chances that they become drug addicts themselves
I most definitely want statistics supporting that extracurricular activities like sports steer children toward success.
I need statistics from the United States
then I need statistics from Michigan
then I need statistics from Detroit