Ow all the books of the Old and New Testament of the Bible came to be

Research Paper: Historical study requires a great deal of objectivity. Be careful to thoroughly research your chosen topic, and use ample sources. If you choose to conduct research in the New Testament, remember that your topic should be of an historical nature and approached from that perspective. The research paper is a place to show excellence in conducting historical research, insightful analysis, and clear, accurate communication of ideas. Papers that only meet the minimum requirements described above will fall short of the standard of excellence and be graded accordingly.
The research paper requires MLA formatting, 1500 words, double-spaced pages at 12-point font (including a separate cover page and works cited page), and five (5) sources from any of the following: book, print journal, online peer reviewed journal, and/or website with an .edu address. Wikipedia will not be accepted as a resource for this course. Wikipedia does not qualify as an acceptable resource; the nature of a wiki allows experts and nonexperts alike to contribute to the content. See the Research Paper Guidelines document for complete guidelines, rubric, and checklist for this assignment.