Ow Alternative Medicine Has An Impact On Mainstream Medicine

This is what the teacher wrote for us. The argument essay is a research essay. 3-5pgs and at least 4 sources. Sources may be articles or credible web sites (.org, .net, or .gov predominantly). Argument is as method of persuasion, which essentially means that you as a writer are trying to promote your idea. The biggest goal for a persuasive essay is to change the minds of your reader. Your essay should not take the reader through your onw search for the answer. Have a solid view from the beginning of your essay. You dont need to tell us in the essay that you personally had to learn about the topic before coming to your conclusion. Use esamples, facts, logical connections, and very little emotional persuasion. Creating a sample story that represents the norm is acceptable as long as it is clear that this is not a true story but really could be. Dont depend only examples. Logical connections are how you explain examples and facts to show that they support your point. Its very important explaining how the facts and examples should convince us to your way of thinking. Make sure you are writing in a fair and objective fashion. You cant be alienating.