Ow America is responding to the Flat World

Research how America is responding to the Flat World. (Refering to The World is Flatby Freidman) Answer the question: Should I/we still believe in free trade in a flat world?
Support your answer with your research. Freidman asks the question: Will free trade benefit America as a whole when the world becomes so flat and so many more people can collaborate and compete with my kids?”

APA Format with 18 pages of text, double spaced, Times New Roman, marjins at 1top, bottom, and sides. If you charge for the APA Title page, table of contents, etc. please contact me as I need those in addition to the 18 pages of text.

Title page: Title, my name, course name(MGT 479) and date, no abreviations.

Table of contents page: Title of topic and page numbers.

Abstract: one paragraph summary of the content including title of the topic, and should mention any outside respources used in preparing the paper.

Conclusion: minimum 2-3 pages in which you state how the topic relates to your personal life, (example: Outsourcing and its impact at work) I am 55 years old, married with two kids in college, and I am a full time student and do not currently work.

References: minimum 5-7 references with a balance between websites and published printed material.

They are verrrry critical about proper APA format.
They also use

Some Recommended sources:
*The Wall Street Journal