Ow an individual goes about becoming a a?Franchiseea?for Subway ( The Subway sandwich Chain)

Please explain and describe in detail how a person becomes a Franchise owner of the Subway sandwich chain. Franchise Projects must have a minimum of three sources. Citations must be provided for quotes (material taken directly from a source and indicated with quotation marks), charts, graphs, or any data included within the body of your paper or in an appendix, and most importantly for any material you have taken from a source even though you have paraphrased it and rewritten it in your own words. If the idea was not your own original thought to begin with then you must give credit to the source you took it from. Research must have citations.
Franchise Research Papers should include: 1) a single spaced header (10 font in the upper right hand side of the page) with you name and topic; 2) text or core of the paper (approximately 1 and 1/2 2 pages, double spaced); 3) One (1) inch margins and 4) a reference page. . The font of the body of the essay should be Times New Roman in size 12 (no font larger than 12 can be used including the title line).