Ow and why can strategic human resource management can help schools/academies face future challenges

I need to look at how strategic human resource management can offer solutions to challenges currently faced by schools and academies. Particularly those challenges associated with flexible working and attracting enough and suitably qualified staff including how schools can grow their own staff. This needs to include the process of strategic planning, current HR developments and how to manage change. This all needs to be linked to the secondary education setting.

The wording of the assignment:
Produce a report for an academy, that addresses the contemporary needs of human resource management in the form of an organisation analysis. This should examine the HR function within an academy (school) in the context of strategic contribution to organisational objectives. The report must critically evaluate how and why strategic human resource management will support orgainsational goals and opportunities that are perceived to the challenges to the future. The emphasis of the presentatiion must identify recommendations for change and develop arguments to justify strategies for managing the essential change.

My areas are flexible teaching (possibly flexible learning) and attracting suitable staff, but also keeping the staff flow moving in a manageable way to stop wages going over budget due to annual pay increments and to encourage new staff with new ideas.