Ow and why did competing intellectual and historical traditions affect the nature and pace of reform in Late Imperial China?

Critical reading assignment a 5 pages (Not including title page, donat need to give a reference page), double spaces, 12-point font, one-inch margins.

Topic : How and why did competing intellectual and historical traditions affect the nature and pace of reform in Late Imperial China?

1) You must forward your answer to the assigned question based on your reading of the assigned primary sources in order to establish a thesis (this where a?becausea? is so useful in the construction of your thesis), that answers the assigned question completely.
2) You need to provide in the introduction at least three-to-four points or themes that will be developed throughout the essay that constitutes an outline for the essay.
3) You need to provide specific examples, with citations, from the primary sources to support the theme or point of the paragraph and you must show the connection between them and to the thesis.
4) All quotes must be integrated into the paragraph and you must show why you have chosen to include them. Quotes should not be placed at the end of a paragraph or start of a paragraph to ensure that you are able to provide the required information about the quote and its place in the paragraph and essay.
5) Use past tense for historical sources, events and actions from the past and to use it consistently throughout the essay.
6) Essays must have a conclusion comprised of at least three sentences. In the conclusion you must revisit your thesis as found in the first paragraph and expand on the relevance of your interpretation of your sources.
7) Please write out all numbers lower than 100 in a formal paper, for example, you should not use a?16th century,a? but instead write out the number as the a?sixteenth century.a?
8) You must provide the full citation for each reference upon first use of it in your paper, including the author of the source (if known), title of source in quotation marks, website title in italics, access date and url, but all subsequent references to that source can use a shortened version of the citation.
9) You must use the Chicago Style of citations in this assignment and all other types of citations are incorrect and unacceptable. The citations must be sequential, with no number used more than once in an essay.
10) A bibliography or Works Cited page is not required for this assignment.
11) You must answer the question in the first paragraph and put the material in your own words in conjunction with examples from the selections to illustrate your points in the body of the essay. While it is important to forward your own interpretation and argument, remember to remain focused on the topic or question.
12) You must incorporate only material from the primary sources assigned on the topic within your essay to answer the question and you must not incorporate any outside materials in your assignment.

Primary sources:


Hi, so our prof doesnat want us to use other sources, and so the reference or citation only have to be from the Primary sources where I give you the link above (Those 5 websites). And you donat need to give me a title page and reference page. So you need to answer the question (on top), and based on those 5 sources and only use Chicago style, I donat know how to use thata¦I only know APA and MLA.

And I summarized 12 instructions, actually our prof gave us even more than that, but I think those are the important. So If I find something or other instructions Iall leave you a message.

So overall, personally, I hate this assignment, so much information and itas really hard for me to finish it in a good way, and I hope you will be fine.