Ow and why did the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union escalate from 1945 to 1962?

1. Provide an introduction with a definition of the cold war, a thesis statement as to who or what was responsible for the escalation of the cold war, and provide a list of key milestones of the cold war to be discussed in each body paragraph.

2. In each body paragraph, address one set of events at a time (for example, the Korean War). First explain how HOW the cold war escalated in a given period. Then, in the same paragraph, explain WHY the cold war escalated during the period youre writing here, and who bears primary responsibility for the escalation (the United States or the Soviet Union). Make sure everything you say relates directly to the question of how and why the cold war escalated. Provide dates, names of individuals, programs, and other specifics in as much detail as you can.

3. In the conclusion, show how what you said explains the escalation of the cold war. At the end, you may also briefly raise additional issues not covered in the paper but related to the cold war, for example, the domestic ramifications of the war, or the process of detente.