Ow and why did the Industrial Revolution change the class system of Great Britain?

Research Paper Instructions

You will write a 1250-1500 word research essay for this course, employing outside secondary sources. Your paper will be due no later than 11:00 p.m. through i??Assignments, Tests and Surveysi?? in the Etudes classroom on the due date, which is listed in your syllabus.

You must submit your paper as a Word attachment. Please note that I cannot open files OTHER than .rtf, .doc, or .docx. If your word processing program generates any other kind of file, please save your work as an .rtf file (when youre saving your work, theres a box called Save as TypeI??just scroll through that until you come to Rich Text Format and select).


For your research paper, select one of the following topics as a starting point:
1. How and why did the Industrial Revolution change the class system of Great Britain?
focus on the topic and develop a thesis, which you will prove with the use of secondary sources (you may use primary sources as well). A really good paper will not simply be descriptive; you should pose an analytical question and use your sources to answer it.

All of your papers should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins and in tenor twelve-point type. Your papers should be carefully composed, well-organized, and proofread. You will loose points for excessive grammar and spelling errors.

You must include endnotes or footnotes and a bibliography, both in the Chicago style. I realize that many of you are not familiar with this citation style. However, it is standard in history and I require that you use iti??you will lose points from your essay if you do not. Ive included an overview of it under i??Resources.i?? You should also refer to the Chicago Manual of Styles online guide, which you can find at: watch?vm_ePYMR5nJU, but its one of manyi??look around and find the one that helps you the most.

If you want to see what Chicago style citations look like in an actual paper, check out:


You should use books from the library, or articles from scholarly journals, which you can access through the librarys article databases. To access those databases, go to:

writing-guides/. The section on Research”–you can find it by scrolling down the left-hand menu and clicking on the relevant link–is very helpful for getting started on your topic, and Structuring Your Paperincludes a lot of great information as well.

If you are not certain you know the rules about plagiarism, refer to citationhelp.php.


If your paper is short of the 1250-word minimum length (excluding the title page and bibliography), you will lose 1 point per missing 100 words.
If you plagiarize even part of your paper, you will receive a grade of i??zeroi?? on the assignment.